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FAQ for Professors

  1. Why would my students want to buy a course packet? The reading material is on reserve..

    CONVENIENCE! With an average of 25 students to a class what are the chances of the reserve material being available for all the students all the time? Not very good. Even if the material is available, can you guarantee that no one has damaged it? Probably not. Can you guarantee that the Library has it in the correct place? Again, probably not. Can your students make notes on the reserve copy? Definitely not! Can the student leave the library with the reserve material. Definitely not! A Campus Course Pak allows the student to have their own personal group of reserve readings to read at their leasure, to mark up, to carry with them. Campus Course Paks are sturdy and survive the wear and tear of daily campus life. And remember, WE SUPPLY A RESERVE COPY TO YOUR LIBRARY! Your students are under no obligation to buy the packet.

  2. Why do you have to apply for copyright again on a course pack that is being used from a previous semester that has no changes?

    Copyright must be applied for each year because we must pay royalties for the amount of copies made. If we made 30 course paks last semester, royalties were paid for 30 copies. If your class need 25 copies of the same articles this semester, we must pay for an additional 25 copies.

    Copyrights change hands. If the rights to a book, article, journal are sold from one publisher to another, the royalty fees may change. In order to remain consistent in our payment of royalties, we need to apply for copyright each time we use an article.

  3. Do I have to pay for any unsold course paks?

    NO, and there are no exceptions. We do ask though that you give us accurate information on your class size, and please inform us if the material in the course packet is additional material that is not necessarily required for the course. If you tell us that there are 30 students and the reading is required to pass the class, we will make 80% of the course paks. If the readings are not required to pass the course, we will make 50% of the course paks.

  4. What if the sales person runs out of packets?

    We will either send another representative to your next class, or we will accept mail order through our toll free phone number. If the shortage is our fault, we will not charge your students for shipping and handling.

  5. What if the bookstore runs out of copies?

    They must place a re-order and we will fill it within 24-48 hours.

  6. Can more that one professor use the same course Paket?
    Yes, we make common readers for professors who are teaching different sections of the same class. If one professor wants to use another professors course paket, that's fine. As long as the original professor is aware that his/her material is being used for another class.

  7. What if I don't need the material untill later in the semester?

    If we are going through the bookstore, they will be ready for sale by or before the date YOU provide for us.
    If we are selling at your classroom, we will send a representative at the date YOU provide for us.

FAQ for Students

  1. Where can I buy the course packet?

    It will be available at your bookstore or your classroom, or by mail order. It depends on the arrangements made with your professor and university policy.

  2. Can I return it?
    You can within 1 week if it is in resellable condition or if you drop the course.

  3. Can I sell it back at the end of the semester?
    Course packets change every semester. It is rare that the same packet is used twice. Therefore, unfortunately we do not do buy backs.

  4. Can I get my packet via internet/ e-mail.
    Right now you are able to order your course packet via our web page. You will get the packet in the mail. We are working on downloadable course packets and hope to have them available soon.